Paula Brennan Education
Hi! I'm Paula Brennan
After 24 years (ouch) as a working professional photographer, I've experienced first hand what it feels like to make the switch from demanding weddings & portraits to the high-profit and relatively easier hours of a Personal Branding Business Model.

I now shoot 3 full days per month often with $15k+ revenue days and say no to weekends and work that simply doesn't light me up. Cause that's how I designed my life and my business.
But I learnt the (really) hard way and it cost me a lot to get here. I am sad to admit this, but I missed out on a lot of my daughters younger life, I was always working weekends and then editing late into the nights to keep up.
Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars and way too many hours to count trying to figure out how to get more time back (ironically) and ultimately make more profit from my photography.
I now get to clock-off when my daughter gets home from school, say no to working any weekends and I am much more present in all areas of my life.
And best of all I am now privileged to guide other photographers to take a much easier (already trodden) path.